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Visitors to South Florida may sometimes experience an unexpected vacation interruption due to severe tropical weather or other unexpected hazards and sometimes evacuation orders are issued. As a visitor at locations throughout South Florida resorts, or as a cruise or airline passenger, your safety is our top priority.

Here are the steps to take when an evacuation is ordered:

1. Check with your hotel regarding alternate accommodations. The hotel’s front desk or concierge can help provide you with information about alternate accommodations and transportation to inland hotels.

2. Contact the Hurricane Hotline:

  • Miami-Dade: (305) 468-5900
  • Broward/Fort Lauderdale: (954) 831-4000
  • Palm Beach: (561) 227-7070
  • Monroe/Key West: 1-800-955-5504

The above mentioned hotlines can provide assistance in locating an inland hotel and can provide information related to evacuation procedures, transportation and/or other storm-related questions.

3. Continually monitor the local media. Storm conditions can change rapidly, so stay tuned to local radio and television to keep up-to-date on the latest advisories. If you have access to the Internet, you can check the following web sites for updated information:

4. Advise your family and friends that you are moving to a new location and let them know where you will be staying.

5. Make sure you have enough cash on hand for your immediate needs because during a storm, if there is a loss of electricity, banks and ATMs will not be able to operate and dispense money.

6. Keep your cell phone charged, since regular phone systems may not be operational after the storm.

7.  Continue to monitor the local media for updates as the storm progresses and departs the area. Local County Emergency Management offices will determine when an evacuation order is lifted and local media outlets will subsequently inform the public.

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