Get ‘Petpared’ for Disasters

Calling all pet owners! The likelihood your pet will survive a disaster such as a flood or tornado depends largely on proper emergency planning.  In support of America’s PrepareAthon!, FEMA Region III is hosting a national #Petpared Challenge to prepare pets for emergencies. Take action and join in this activity now through May 8, 2015. There are several ways to participate, such as:

  • Download a pet preparedness mobile application (for example the American Red Cross Pet First Aid App or the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals App);
  • Build a pet emergency supply kit;
  • ID your pet with a collar and tag or consider micro chipping;
  • Determine where you would evacuate with your pet as some public shelters may not accommodate animals; or
  • Create a buddy-system with a relative or friend to help each other’s pets if one of you is away from home during an emergency.

Go to for additional tips.

Once you’ve completed an action, take a picture (or a selfie) of your #petpared pet and share it on Twitter or Instagram using hashtag #Petpared to help spread the word.

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