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Watch the news when a hurricane is threatening Miami-Dade County and you’re sure to see people grabbing bottled water from store shelves. But why go to the store and fight the crowds for water when there’s a better way to bottle your own drinking water.

Bottling your own water

This hurricane season, instead of buying bottled water, invest in plastic water containers for your family.

  • Plastic water containers are available in a variety of sizes, from four to 10 gallons or more, and some are collapsible or can be folded easily for storage. They’re built to last for years, so you’ll save money in the long run.
  • Make sure you get enough plastic containers so everyone in your family – including your pets – has enough water to last several days. Calculate about one gallon per person per day and you should be okay.
  • When you bring your plastic containers home, don’t fill them up just yet. Keeping water stored a long time could attract harmful bacteria and make the water taste stale. Wait until a hurricane warning is announced first.
  • Worried that the container might be “icky” when you fill it? Not a problem. Wash it out with soap and water first, and then rinse it well. Next, fill it with a solution of 1 tablespoon of unscented household chlorine bleach – the kind used for laundry – per gallon. Let it sit ten minutes, then pour out the solution and rinse the container well. It’s now ready to be filled up with tap water.

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